RGEEK 24 Pin to Dual PSU Power Supply Cable

Product Description

  • This adapter allows you to turn on/off two power supplies simultaneously.
  • Please use the outputs from the 24pin power supply only on motherboard.
  • and use the outputs of the 2pin power supply solely for devices —like hard drive, cd rom, dvd, etc
  • Please do not mix the power from first and second power supplie

Technical Parameters

1.Enables the connection of two power supply units to a single motherboard.
2.Perfect for Bitcoin Mining Builds and Dual PSU gaming.
3.Connect 2 Power Supply Units together to provide more power to your computer components without having to upgrade

4.We also sell other cables for mining.

your existing Power supply unit.

-1x Male end (Motherboard side): 24pin
-2x Female ends (PSUs side): 24pin
Cable length: 30cm.
Power connector (<2000W) for pc [/av_textblock] [av_codeblock wrapper_element='' wrapper_element_attributes='' codeblock_type='' av_uid='av-k6ke7hsq'][/av_codeblock] [/av_one_full] [/av_section]

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